Teaching how to code from a young age has become increasingly usual. There are good reasons to do so, since the ability to code has been viewed as one of the most important for the years to come, but also — and probably more importantly — because learning to code offers kids a way to develop and train a range of different skills perceived as useful in everyday life and in other school subjects, like creativity, problem solving, persistence and even collaboration.

Although learning how to code can be difficult and scary, there are some approaches that can mitigate those…

When it comes to data science, there is a natural tendency to think of the glamorous part of it, like beautiful charts, interactive dashboards, machine learning and some advanced applications of it.

However, one of the first lessons any new data scientist should learn is that the most important ability to develop is to be able to obtain, clean and structure data — what is commonly known as data manipulation.

It is rare to have access to data already processed and available in a format that can be easily used in the construction of the desired end products. …

Bruno Leal

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